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Visually Enhanced Literature (VEL) Films create content with passion and purpose for entertainment and enlightenment. We love original and compelling stories that answer a need in both the domestic and international markets. We believe it is our responsibility as Producers to create and provide an organized, optimum stress-free work environment in which the director, writer(s), actors, and support team can create a memorable cinematic experience. 

Well-versed in all aspects of crafting entertainment media through a collaborative team effort we usher projects from inception to completion. Our internal services include writing, directing, and composing for film. The next step in our development is helping secure distribution relationships and financing portals so completed works have a destination and green-light projects have the necessary capital investment required to move from development to production. 

VEL Films is committed to fostering creative environments that actively embrace and appreciate diversity across every facet of its creative endeavors. Within this commitment, an enduring Inclusion Rider is firmly established for all projects and content developed by VEL, encompassing both on-screen and behind-the-scenes roles. The Inclusion Rider serves as a dedicated framework to ensure that individuals possessing the requisite skills and professional qualifications are actively sought and included in the production process. This deliberate approach is not driven by arbitrary quotas but is geared towards the overarching objective of enhancing the overall quality and merit of our productions through the diverse and valuable contributions of a skilled and well-qualified team.

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